Detroit MLK vs East English Village I Detroit PSL Championship 2017 #Michiganfootball

Athlazon Presents: Detroit MLK vs East English Village I Detroit PSL Championship 2017 --- Detroit Martin Luther King came into this contest with a 7-1 Record, facing an undefeated East English Village Prep. Both of these teams have multiple division one athletes on the field, though King undoubtedly has more depth. Detroit MLK came out strong, with '19 QB Dequan Finn connecting with '18 ATH Jaeveyon Morton for a TD pass, putting King up 7-0. The King defense came out strong, as they did in the previous week in the semifinals. '19 S Marvin Grant caught a ball popped up from a botched punt, taking it to the house and giving the fans some #PRIMETIME love on the way. The 1st half ended with a very strong drive by East English Village, which ended with an interception by '19 ATH Ahmad Gardner. King has great depth at the defensive back positions, considering there's multiple starters currently injured. East English village began the 2nd half making a few plays, but the King defense held up strong with a 4th down stop within 10 yards from the end zone for the 2nd time during the game. '18 RB Jalen Jackson hit off a big run, as he's been turning into a habit for a long TD. The Detroit MLK team is geared up for a playoff run, we're looking forward to see how this team performs in the weeks to come.

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