Defenders Getting HURDLED! #1 Mater Dei STOMPS La Mirada! JT Daniels Throws for 250 YARDS!

Created by: BallerVisions ------------------------ JT Daniels & Nikko Remigio GO OFF as Mater Dei handles business as they should vs La Mirada! JT Daniels finishes 13-15 with 3 TD's and 248 yards, Nikko Remigio with 6 catches, 3 TDs and 152 yards as Mater Dei steam rolls past an outmatched La Mirada. Yard count was 367 to 2!!! BV Gear: SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER: (FOR NOW :/) INSTAGRAM: SEND ME STUFF: Marcel Chappell PO BOX 892468 Temecula, Ca 92589-2468 CONTACT: [email protected] DONATE:$MarcelChappell OR OR

-- with Elias Ricks