State Quarter Finals Action!


Big games Tuesday, time for the Semi-Finals Thursday & Friday!

Class A

Ypsilanti Lincoln vs Detroit MLK

Big time matchup at Callahan Hall between Lincoln and King didn't dissapoint. The house was completely packed for this one, with most having their first chance to see the best Freshman in the country, Emoni Bates play for Lincoln. Both teams have their share of seniors and young talent, but King came out playing as the more veteran team and making someone other than Emoni Bates make shots early for Lincoln. Jalen Fisher came up big for Lincoln early hitting multiple key shots and handling the ball well as the point guard. The Lincoln coaches deserve big credit, switching to a zone late in the game, which stagnated King's offense drastically. Emoni Bates finished with a game high 17 points as Lincoln moves forward to play Howell Friday.

U of D vs Roseville

U of D is a veteran team and they came out to make a statement with this game. Holding Roseville to single digits in the 1st quarter as they had 24 points, the statement was made early. Daniel Friday & Jalen Thomas both finished this game with 20 points, as the back court of Julian Rozier and Caleb Hunter combined for 29 points, adding multiple great assists and Steals. U of D moves forward to play Okemos Fridayat the Breslin.

Class B

New Haven vs Chandler Park Academy

The result of this game was a surprise to many, but not to the fans of Chandler Park, who has been on a tear the entire season ripping through their Charter League unmatched. New Haven came in with a recent announcement of Romeo Weems as Mr. Basketball, who was trying to follow in the steps of last year's winner Foster Loyer capping off his season with a State Championship. The game was tight from start to finish tied 51-51 with 51 seconds left. Chander Park came through with a game winning shot, leaving only 1.4 seconds on the clock before pulling through with the victory. They move forward to face off vs River Rouge Friday who was touted as one of the best teams in the State when the season began.

Class C

DEPSA vs Flint Beecher

DEPSA has won some big games this season, including Benton Harbor who was listed as one of the top teams in the State early in the season. Flint Beecher is definitely one of the most exciting teams in the State, but DEPSA had a plan to hold them in check.